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Jeff  (born in Los Angeles, California) is an American actor, singer, guitarist and music producer. Dahlgren's career includes singing in punk rock band Wasted Youth, star in the London-based film/mini-series Kosmos, and star of the French film Giorgino.


As a guitarist he has played on the highest-selling albums in France and has performed in the largest grossing tours in Europe.

Dahlgren signed to EMI/Warner Music Group France as a producer and went on to gain top 20 in Germany, France and Italy. Dahlgren turned to directing for music video while signed with EMI.

Today he is focusing on getting the feature film Body&Soul into pre-production. In studio working on his band's album due out at the end of 2019. Jeff also works remotely producing/mixing Indie albums along with remotely playing studio guitar for primarily Indie bands. He produced, wrote, composed,  the last trailer for Body&Soul. You can get in touch with him here and have your song, songs, EP or album mixed and have him play on your tracks! You can consult with him from industry topics. producing, mixing, guitar playing, acting and cold reading. 

"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child
-Pablo Picasso

-Everyone can take away something from that- 



Mylene Farmer and I met in Los Angeles, California. Her fourth studio album Anamorphosée marked the beginning of our musical collaboration. Fortunately I had quite a lot of influence on the early compositions that can be heard throughout the album.  Anamorphosée released and was launched by the single "XXL" with a humble yet powerful hypnotic guitar riff that I wrote. The single became Farmer's first to debut at #1. Anamorphosée debuted at #2 in the album charts and sold half a million copies in 3 months. The album reached #1, 16 months after its release gained a Diamond certification.

I returned to record on Farmer's fifth studio album Innamoramento. The album debuted #2 on the charts and was certified Diamond in France.


European Tours

Mylene asked me to play guitar on the Anamorphosée European tour. The album, Live à Bercy, is one of  the highest-selling French live albums. The band included Abe Laboriel, Jr., Brian Ray, Jerry Watts and Yvan Cassar.

The Mylenium Tour, set the record of the highest grossing tour by a non-English speaking artist. The musical channel MUZ TV from Russia, elected "Mylenium Tour" as the best concert in the world. The two combined tours were played to well over 1,000,000 attendees.

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